2020 Hopscato Dhiaga

$25.00 inc GST

From an old vineyard at Lake Boga in Victoria. Extended skin contact before a wild yeast ferment. With Justin’s experience in brewing beer he added beer hops at the end of ferment to add aromatics, complex flavours, bitterness and a natural preserving effect from the hop oils.

The wine was bottled à la pétillante naturelle to finish fermentation in bottle. Preservative free.

Individual wines can only be purchased in packs of 6-12.

We are offering free freight in any combination of Dhiaga Wines in a 6-12 pack for Dhiaga Wine Club Members or in a dozen for non-members.

Tasting Notes

2019 vintage (previously called Moscato Dhiaga) was the winner of Danger Zone Trophy in the Young Gun of Wine 2020 Competition. The 2020 vintage has come off the back of this winner and we are even happier with it!

Grape Variety Moscato Bianco

Region Swan Hill, Victoria

Alcohol 12%

Colour Pale straw with yellow hints. A slight haze is evident that increases as the sediment is disturbed.

Bouquet Spectacular moose that lifts the vibrant hop and muscat aromas of coriander seed, lavender oil, dried herb, dragon fruit and orange peel. A bit like a hoppy beer, but the wine aromas shine through.

Palate Softly sparkling with a fine matrix of bubbles evident, a creamy mouthfeel dominates with freshly squeezed lime and herbal flavours lingering on a crisp dry finish. This is a bone dry Moscato. There is a natural sediment in the bottle of yeast lees and hop flowers.

As this wine is preservative free. It is best drunk within a few years of the vintage. Store in upright in a cool place.