2018 Nebbiolo Dhiaga

$35.00 inc GST

Since 2002, Justin and Joyce have spent many a day monitoring, tending and nurturing the sometimes triffid like nature of Nebbiolo vines in the vineyards of the Adelaide Hills, Barolo and the Pyrenees in Victoria.

Nebbiolo is known as the King of Grapes and reining in its noble arrogance has been a passion and obsession for many years leading to the first wine by Dhiaga.

Individual wines can only be purchased in packs of 6-12.

We are offering free freight in any combination of Dhiaga Wines in a 6-12 pack for Dhiaga Wine Club Members or in a dozen for non-members.

Tasting Notes

Winner of a Bronze Medal at the 2019 Australian Alternative Wine Varieties Show

Grape Variety Nebbiolo

Region Pyrenees, Victoria

Alcohol 14%

Colour Bright crimson with blood orange hints.

Bouquet Layered and intriguing - bergamot, rose petals, freshly turned earth and sour cherries. Opens with time.

Palate Intense but rounded savoury red fruits, with vibrant acidity and lingering tannins. A wine that drives from go to whoa, without bumps-seamless some would say.

Although made in an accessible style that is great to drink now, this wine will continue to evolve and evoke more mystery and magic for the next 10-15 years. Try it with fresh pappardelle topped with freshly shaved truffle, black is good, but white is better if you can get it!