Unique and mystical wines handcrafted the natural way.

Dhiaga (Dee-a-ga)Irish for divine, heavenly or god-like.


We produce our handcrafted, unique and mystical wines from hand selected stunning Northern Italian pure fruit varieties grown in Victorian vineyards.

The Craft of Dhiaga

At Dhiaga we aspire to make wines worthy of the gods by using nature’s gifts and all the magic and mystery we can conjure up. We craft our wines to be a little bit special and unique by using thoughtful winemaking technique and only as much intervention as required. We favour natural yeasts, in some wines no sulphur is used and we avoid filtration whenever possible.

Our wines are made according to the lunar calendar. By following the cycle of the moon and its celestial position we are able to capture the essence of the vineyard with the bare minimum of processing aids.


Since 2002, Justin and Joyce have spent many a day monitoring, tending and nurturing the sometimes triffid like nature of Nebbiolo vines in the vineyards of the Adelaide Hills, Barolo and the Pyrenees in Victoria.

Nebbiolo is known as the King of Grapes and reining in its noble arrogance has been a passion and obsession for many years leading to the first wine by Dhiaga.

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Arneis is to the white as Nebbiolo is to the red on the hills of Piedmont in Northern Italy. The name in the local dialect translates to charming rascal. Sounds a lot like most Irishmen.

The grapes for this wine came from the oldest Arneis planting in Australia. These vines which are more than 30 years old give a great intensity and complexity to the wine.

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This rosé combines the savoury and aromatic deliciousness of Great Western Nebbiolo with a small amount of the sweet red fruited juiciness of Grampians Shiraz.

Fermented and matured on lees in old French oak barrels and then allowed to settle and racked as clean as possible before bottling with minimal sulfur and no filtration. This is a bone dry rose with no residual sugar.

$25.00 inc GST


From the coolest mainland site in Australia, ideal for Gewürztraminer. Left on the skins for few hours before fermenting with wild yeasts. The wine was bottled à la pétillante naturelle to finish fermentation in bottle which leaves a natural sediment.

No sulfur, fining, filtration, or other additive or process was made to this wine. It is as fresh and unblemished a wine as we can create.

$20.00 inc GST


From an old vineyard at Lake Boga in Victoria. Extended skin contact before a wild yeast ferment. With Justin’s experience in brewing beer he added beer hops at the end of ferment to add aromatics, complex flavours, bitterness and a natural preserving effect from the hop oils.

The wine was bottled à la pétillante naturelle to finish fermentation in bottle. Preservative free.

$25.00 inc GST

Drink With Good Friends, Good Food And Good Craic.

Award Winning Handcrafted Wines

Trophy for Best Sparkling
2018 Gewurztraminer Dhiaga – Pet Nat

Bronze Medals
2018 Arneis Dhiaga
2015 Nebbiolo Dhiaga

Danger Zone Trophy
2019 Moscato Dhiaga

(now named Hopscato Dhiaga)

Trophy for Best Sparkling
2020 Gewurztraminer Dhiaga – Pet Nat

Bronze Medal
2018 Nebbiolo Dhiaga

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Being a traditionalist, I’ve never been a fan of Pet Nat wines, but my eyes (and taste buds) were opened by the work of JP at Dhiaga. Thank you for the lesson!”

Matteo Pignatelli from Matteo’s restaurant, Fitzroy North in Melbourne

“I never tire of drinking this drop. Dhiaga Moscato is funky, complex and utter fun in a glass. Forget what you think this wine is and embrace how right it feels to have hops and grapes together.”

Athena & Leon Morton – Creators of the Port Fairy Adventure Film Festival

“A delicious drink in it’s own right that deservedly nabbed the sparkling wine trophy at the AAVWS 2018”

Jane Faulkner (wine writer) commenting on the 2018 Gewurztraminer Dhiaga

“Put me down for a bottle when you release it.”

Walter Speller, Italian Specialist and contributor to jancisrobinson.com after tasting the Nebbiolo Dhiaga from Barrel in 2016